According to Mr. D, Department of Ethnology and Anthropology — Belgrade University, the Yorubas have the highest rate of multiple births in the world. Twins are children who are born along with their heavenly counterpart. Though Taiwo is the firstborn, it is believed that Kehinde is the elder twin, sending Taiwo into the world first to determine if it is time to be born.

iya ibeji meaning

He further stated that WHO and other universities have researched the mysterious issue of twin births in Igbo-Ora community. Igbo-Ora organizes world twins festival every year.

At the elaborate maiden edition inaccording to the organisers, about 5, twins graced the occasion which was fully supported by the government. Induring the festival, no fewer than 10 women gave birth to twins during the ceremony, Olu Of Igbo-Ora said. Email address:. Woven Culture.

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By Johnson Okunade. Woven Culture Woven Recipe. Woven Culture Woven History. Leave a reply Cancel reply.Iya ibeji was a popular Ewa Agoyin seller in the whole of Brown street. She got her fame in the street when she moved from selling ofada rice to Beans. No okada driver or bus driver would pass by iya Ibeji's shop without dashing to eat Ewa Agoyin and Bread.

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The customers in her shop are always massive just as if the shop is a praying ground. The rate at which the people in the locale patronises her shop is akin to how the pilgrims visit the Holy Land. After my secondary school education, I left Ekiti State to settle down in Lagos with our elderst brother. After my first week in Lagos, I decided to familiarize myself with my new environment.

After walking a few miles, then I saw the shop of the infamous Iya ibeji. I dashed to the shop just to get my favorite food "Bread and Beans". On getting there, I saw iya Basira; a woman with three kids who died in an auto crash accident along with her husband some years ago. That day was a day that no one in my village would ever pray for again. Immediately I got home, I narrated my ordeal to my brother in full details which he quickly pick up his phone and called our mother in the village to tell her that "iya Basira is not dead".

Before he could hung up the call, my mother had already told her neighbors that iya Basira was seen in Lagos selling Beans. Before dusk, her relatives had already sent an emissaries of five family members to investigate the assertion. Before the emissaries could get to Lagos, the news of iya ibeji's death had already gone viral throughout the whole street.

ILE ELEYE (IBRAHIM CHATTA,IYA GBONKAN) - 2020 Yoruba Movies- New Yoruba Movies 2020- Yoruba Movies

The emissaries arrived to Lagos at dusk, but iya ibeji's body had already been laid to rest according to the Moslem rite. When they got there, they met everyone crying including her husband and the kids.

iya ibeji meaning

The emissaries never believed this until when they saw a big family picture of sitting beside her husband and children. After this occurrence, many questions that are begging for answers started popping into my mind,questions like; Does it mean that the Yoruba belief on Akudaya is real?

How is it possible for a person to die and still and still be found living in another village or state? Does it mean that that a person can die and still ressurate in the same body? African philosophy believes in reincarnation but western philosophy does not believe reincarnation does exist. Part of the argument which corroborates this is the argument of Rene Descartes. According to him, he sees man an entity that consist of the body and soul.

The soul is lodge in the body to pilot the affairs of the body. The body projects what is going on in the soul Cogito egosum. According to another philosopher who also believes in this school of thought maintains that man does not die, it is only the body of a man that experience death and the soul will move from the body to where it came from.The Yoruba have one of the highest rates of twining in the world—it is estimated that out of every 1, births, result in twins.

If the Babalawo ascertains a spiritual cause, he will help the parents find a carver to create an Ere ibeji figure. An Ere ibeji is a wooden carving of a male or female figure once used by the Yoruba.

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Families, particularly grieving mothers, take comfort in the belief that a spiritual mother is caring for and guarding the departed child. The Ere ibeji might also be decorated with camwood powder, blue paint, beads, shells, and precious textiles.

Oriki Ibeji (Yoruba Twins Panegyric) and its English Translation

But despite the fact that this carving can serve as a receptacle for the spirit of the dead child, Ere ibeji figures do not look like children. These figures are carved to represent an ideal type within the Yoruba criteria of beauty and in the prime of life—neither a child nor an old person.

The carving style emphasizes the conical head, an elaborate hairstyle, a roundness of the eyes and facial features, and a balanced composition between the body parts. Each of these features references a moral virtue or inner goodness all children should cultivate. Ere ibeji carvings reveal not only the importance of twins and a strong belief in the afterlife, but what Yoruba regard as beautiful and correct.

Ere IbejiYoruba, Nigeria, carved wood with attached personal ornaments including glass bead necklaces and girdles, metal armlets and strings of cowries attached from the wrists, 25 cm National Museum of Scotland. In the last fifty years, the practice of commissioning a carver to create an Ere ibeji has waned.

However, the practice of using spiritual figures has not stopped, though since the s some parents have chosen to use manufactured, imported dolls or photographs instead of carved figures as receptacles for the spiritual energy of the deceased.

These materials are generally less expensive, worldly, and modern. While Ere ibeji carvings have a distinct style, the fact that another medium can successfully serve the same purpose suggests that for the Yoruba, art is dynamic and flexible. While Western collectors demand an Ere ibeji that is similar to the image above, Yoruba practitioners were not constrained by a stylistic cannon and specific materials.

For indigenous users, it is the concept behind this art making practice that is most important. Sign up for our newsletter! Receive occasional emails about new Smarthistory content. Cite this page as: Dr.The Yoruba land is generally regarded and nicknamed the home of twins. The Yoruba people are reported to have the highest rate of twin births in the world.

A little town in Oyo state called Igbo-Ora has been nicknamed the Twin capital of the World because of its unusually high rate of twin birth. It is reported that there are twins per births in that town. One of the locals in the town has once boasted that every family in the town has at least one twin.

The twins are known as Ibeji in the Yoruba language. However, the second twin is regarded as the elder twin. Every set of twins hails from Isokun. Charming twins Twins that I gave birth to, that resembles me Twins that I gave birth to, that make me happy Twins inhabitants of Isokun Children of the monkey who plays on the top of the trees. He tastes the world. Ejire oyila winiwini loju orogun, ejiworo loju iya re Mba bejire mbayo, O be kese be kasa, ofese me jejeji be sile alakisa o so alakisa di onigbaso, okan ni mba bi mba yo, sugbon meji lowole tomiwa, Gbajumo omo ti ngba ikunle iya, ti ngba idobale lowo baba to bi won lomo Ejire ara isokun, edunjobi omo edun tin sere ori igi Epo nbe, ewa nbe, aya mi oja lati bi ibeji Taiyelolu ma yo se se, Akehinde gbegbon mayo se se Ejire oyila, ema yo se se, nbabi edunjobi.

Edumare bawa da awon Ibeji wa si. Amin Ase! Many of the translation of the eulogy may seem impossible because some Yoruba words do not have corresponding English meanings. The Eulogy is about the importance of twins in the Yoruba culture. Ibejis are believed to be the king of children and their birth into a family means the arrival of fortune. In fact, if the family is a poor one, it is believed the twins will make them rich. The eulogy then ends with a prayer asking God to protect the twins.

Twins are highly respected in the Yoruba culture. Infact, if one of the set of twins should die, it is believed to signify bad fortune for the parents and the society to which they belong. Many of these figures are found in western collections.In Yoruba culture and spirituality, twins are believed to be magical, and are granted protection by the Orisha Shango. If one twin should die, it represents bad fortune for the parents and the society to which they belong. The parents therefore commission a babalawo to carve a wooden Ibeji to represent the deceased twin, and the parents take care of the figure as if it were a real person.

Other than the sex, the appearance of the Ibeji is determined by the sculptor.

Awosanya Kehinde: I am what I am by the Grace of God.

The parents then dress and decorate the ibeji to represent their own status, using clothing made from cowrie shellsas well as beads, coins and paint. Ibeji figures are admired by tribal art collectors and many have made their way into western collections. The world's largest collection of Ibejis is at the British MuseumLondon. The firstborn of the twins is known as Taiwo while the second one is called Kehinde.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Yoruba term. For the musical duo, see Ibeyi. For the record label, see Ivo Perelman. The references in this article are unclear because of a lack of inline citations. Help Wikipedia improve by adding precise citations! March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Archived from the original on Retrieved Mobolade, Timothy African Arts.

Twin Research. Ray, Benjamin C. Notes from "African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning" art exhibit. Bayly Art Museum, University of Virginia. January 25 — August 15, Nigeria Cuba Brazil Trinidad. Hidden categories: Articles lacking in-text citations from March All articles lacking in-text citations. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Member of Orisha. Pair of Ibeji, authenticated by the Department of Antiquities of Nigeria.

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MATERNAL GODDESS IN YORUBA ART: A New Aesthetic Acclamation of Yemoja, Oshun and Iya-Mapo

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